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Lessons on the Thrust
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Sections: 116
Plays: 27
Videos: 10
Commentary: 11


Chapter 1: Guards
Chapter 2: Postures (Plate 4) [1 Play]
Chapter 3: Divisions of the Sword (Plate 5)
Chapter 4: How You Shall Recognize the Near and Wide Measure (Plates 6, 7) [1 Play, 1 Video, 1 Commentary]
Chapter 5: About the Movement of the Body [1 Video, 1 Commentary]
Chapter 6: How You Shall Approach (Plate 7) [1 Video, 1 Commentary]
Chapter 7: How You Shall Lunge [5 Plays, 6 Videos, 4 Commentaries]
Chapter 8: How You Shall Parry and Riposte [9 Plays, 1 Video, 3 Commentaries]
Chapter 9: In What Way You Shall Engage the Blade [1 Commentary]
Chapter 10: About the Simple Disengagement [4 Plays]
Chapter 11: Making Feints [6 Plays]
Chapter 12: Making Double Feints [1 Play]
Chapter 13: In What Form You Shall Make Double Parries
Chapter 14: How You Shall Thrust in on the Blade in Two Tempi
Chapter 15: How You Shall Make a Half-thrust or Appel on the Blade
Chapter 16: How You Shall Make the Appels Off the Blade
Chapter 17: How You Shall Gain and Bind the Blade
Chapter 18: How You Shall Engage From Outside Measure
Chapter 19: Stepping Vs. Jumping Backwards
Chapter 20: How You Shall Make Passades (Passing Steps)
Chapter 21: The Passade in Secunda Above the Arm
Chapter 22: In What Form You Shall Seize and Take the Sword (Plate 42)
Chapter 23: How You Can Diasrm the Enemy in Various Ways
Chapter 24: How, When Passing, You Can Throw the Enemy Down
Chapter 25: How You Shall Disengage and Counter-disengage, Parry, and Thrust With It
Chapter 26: How You Shall Thrust in the Feints or Tempo
Chapter 27: How From One Posture You Shall Form Another (Plate 55)
Chapter 28: How You Shall Break the Measure
Chapter 29: How You Shall Defend Yourself With Your Sword in Both Hands (Plate 57)
Chapter 30: How to Parry With the Left Hand (Plates 58, 34)
Chapter 31: How One Can Caminiren (Proceeding with Resolution) and Injure the Enemy While Walking (Plate 59)
Chapter 32: About the Angles Thrusts, Which are done in the following manner
Chapter 33: In What Manner the Lowered Thrusts Are made
Chapter 34: How to Act against someone who fights left-handed
Chapter 35: About a Good and Proficicent Sword
Chapter 36: About a Suitable Place to use the fencing with sharps